One of the advantages all hobbyists share today is the ability to research and understand what you are getting before you get it. Were the shoe on the other foot, I would never jump in blindly, as the expenses are too great and time is too limited. Here are actual excerpts from some of my reviews:

"Abbey just drips class, beauty and elegance, she is a stunning woman with RIVETING Blue eyes and a knee shaking smile."

"If you're looking for a young flaky quickie, Abbey is NOT for you. If you're looking for a woman with class and style, contact her, she is a rare find. I'm not sure if I'll contact anyone else in her area from now on."

"She's that girl you could never get in high school. She really makes your dreams & fantasy come true." 

"I can sense when a provider loves what she does and she most definitely does."

"The epitome of a true GFE! I can't wait for a repeat."

"It all had a real date feel to it as she is an effortless conversationalist."

"This woman loves to please you, and is an absolute sexual dynamo."

"It was great to be with a provider who genuinely seemed to love her job."

"We spent more than an hour and a half just chatting like old friends. Abbey made me feel at ease very quickly."

"Abbey has a soft voice, a gentle manner a friendly personality and an insatiable sexual appetite!!!! It is obvious that she truly enjoys the company of men."

"she is such a friendly, down to earth person."

"Let me tell you, her reviews are spot on. Abbey is not only an absolute sweetheart, but she's probably the most sexual creature I've ever met. Being with Abbey is an adventure."

"Abbey is truly amazing. The room was a nice suite at an upscale hotel that she does incall at. She lit candles & dimmed the lights."

"its really important to her that you have an amazing experience."

"I have to give Abbey the highest recommendation, as I want to see her succeed. But quite frankly, I’d be just as selfishly happy if you all left her for me alone. She IS that amazing."

"She’s petite with a nice body. Her TER reviews are pretty hot and I found them to be accurate."

"She’s up for anything and is truly uninhibited with me. The more she gets, the more she wants, and she doesn't apologize for it."

"Super-smart and classy, but then that switch flips, and she becomes a different person"

"She is so different than the rest."

"If you want a real GFE with a whole lot of PSE thrown in, can't imagine getting better than her."

"No clock watching, ever."

"Very hard to find faults, as she is just so accommodating."

"I wish I could keep her to myself but my wife probably would complain."

"Abbey is so remarkably different that I don't even know how define it."

"We chatted for a while, almost like old friends. She's very classy, very laid back, very articulate, very personable, very open, very down to earth. VERY attractive. Someone I'd have no problem asking to accompany me to a business function. She's extremely easy to talk to, the conversation covered a lot of different things and was not in the least bit awkward. "

"She if the definition of a GFE with a dash of PSE thrown in. Great conversationalist. Highly intelligent. Sex machine. Love this girl."

"True GFE all the way and truly loves every minute of it"

"I truly enjoyed spending time with Abbey. Warm, sensual, sexy as all hell, down to earth with no pretensions. She is a lovely, mature young woman who made me feel so comfortable and so desired. I can't believe how quickly two hours can pass. Simply amazing."

"Choosing an ATF after all these years is hard, but I am not sure I have had better in or out of the hobby."

"I welcomed her into my house and we chatted for a good 20 minutes. It was like we were old friends catching up. She is very easy going, down to earth and easy on the eyes. She has a seductive look to her as well."

Full review text of all excerpts are available at, BestGFE, GFEClub, and god knows where else! If you find others, please let me know!