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New site design - new pictures coming soon!

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I have decided to change my site theme up a bit to keep things fresh. I would love to know what everybody thinks of it. As always, I want it to appear professional and clean, but maybe a touch more modern and even sleeker than before. It is my belief that I am on the right track, but I may play with it a bit more over the coming weeks.

I will also have new pictures up on November 12 or 13, as I am heading out to see the amazing Scott Church again. It is always fun doing shoots with him and I am excited to see how they turn out!

I'd also like to give a quick shout-out to MB for going far above and beyond with his latest wine selection! For my wino friends, if you ever want to treat yourself, Silver Oak cabs are truly amazing. Thank you again!

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The Dinner Evening Special

The DES, or Dinner Evening Special, is easily my most popular multi-hour offering. I get asked about it a lot and rarely have weeks without them scheduled. Personally speaking, I love them as well, as they allow for a lot of “getting to know you” time without the pressure of traditional time constraints. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my shorter meetings as well, but this is just a different vibe.

What exactly is the DES? My FAQ addresses it efficiently, but I will expand on it here. The DES essentially amounts to a dinner date that ends when it ends. I will meet you at a restaurant, we can relax, have a drink, eat a nice dinner, get to know one another, and then hopefully have a magnificent time afterward. We can also have a magnificent time first, then eat dinner, and have another magnificent time afterward! :) I am at your mercy.

I don’t watch clocks to begin with, but my gentlemen always are respectful of time. In this scenario, it is a virtual non-factor. Like anybody else, I enjoy a classy night out, and many men prefer a true girlfriend experience, so this always seems to work well for all. It also doesn’t have to be a private dinner, as I can always accompany you to a business function or equivalent.

Some other notes:

--- On days I have these scheduled -- barring extenuating circumstances earlier in the day or maybe a Friday - it will be my lone appointment. In no case will I schedule anything afterward and, if the DES is booked first, there will not be anything scheduled earlier.

--- I don’t expect fine dining and exorbitant dinner expenses, so please don’t feel like you need to go…

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Scheduling, cancellations, and questions

I am very understanding of my client's lifestyles. I know you are all busy and seeing me takes effort and may even involve a degree of risk. It is also not lost on me that cancellations are a part of the game, and that is okay, but lately it is getting out of control. This past Friday I canceled my incall because every single person canceled same day. Not only does that hurt me financially, but you took a spot that could have gone to another person.

I do not have harsh policies and am very kind and understanding, but we all know there are times that you simply change your mind or have another reason to cancel outside of a schedule change, work issues, etc. You owe me nothing, but if you cancel on the day you are supposed to see me, please remember what it does to me. If you do it twice, then odds are we aren't meant for one another. And that is a shame, because I am a lot of fun! :)

I am not saying you can't cancel, as that would be silly! However, please be considerate and try to give me as much notice as possible. Thanks!

I also often get questions that are answered in multiple places. I do not expect you to read every word that is written and I will always answer what you ask, so long as the questions don't pertain to sex acts. As fate would have it, that would be about 96% of my questions!!!!!! Trust me when I tell you, the information is out there guys!

Unlike many providers, I am under no illusions as to what this about. If

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My new blog!

Please check back often for updates and news. I will try to write when able.  Thanks!

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