Interested in a Long Term Arrangement?

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As I approach my 2nd anniversary as a Provider, I can honestly say that this is the best "job" I have ever had. Why? Because it just never feels like work. Good fortune has followed me, as I have been extremely lucky to have never experienced a bad time or a mean person. I try my best to always be myself and I feel that my genuine personality often puts people at ease.

Fortunately, I don't have to sell my services very hard. My menu and card are what they are, and I believe the reviews speak for themselves. Which is probably why I always get tongue-tied when this topic comes up! I want to offer more of myself and more value, but there need to be boundaries. Offers in the past confounded me a bit, but I have given it thought and I know what I can and cannot do.

For example, I cannot offer anybody exclusivity, as that doesn't work. First of all, I am in a sound, healthy, real world relationship and that will not be ending! Second, I love my work and have no intention of stopping! Lastly, no woman wants to be owned.

What I can offer is the following:

  • Priority appointments
  • Generous time allotments
  • Short-term availability if able
  • Included allowances for overnights & travel
  • Flexibility on time spent
  • Monthly donation schedule

Many of the dates I have are with men I have seen time and time again. We have forged bonds, know secrets, and share honest affection. It is the nature of the beast when you are intimate and personal, be it a doctor caring for a patient, a teacher nurturing a student, or two people in any walk of life simply wanting the best for one another. Repeat visits create that level of sharing, but these arrangements can take things to a different level. I can travel on business trips, meet you for an impromptu lunch, go to a club, and it is all just a part of what we have between us.

I will only allow for one official arrangement, as it is all I can properly commit to. It doesn't mean no more incalls, but it will mean a few less outcalls. I am not seeking additional monetary gain as much as I am looking for schedule certainty and greater time stability. The donation is not trivial, but the return is substantial.