About Me & FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please contact me here.

Are your pictures real?
Yes! What you see is what you get. :)  My galleries are dated from the month and year of the pictures. The latest set is from November 2017.

Can I meet you?
If you are a mature, respectful male, then of course! You must also be verified (screened) and located in a safe area that is a reasonable distance from me, or you can come to my incall.

What does "verified" mean?
Verification, or screening, means I need to understand who you are before meeting you. There are services like Preferred 411 that do this, and I will also accept whitelist references for some people on TER. Provider references from active ladies with a personal website are also acceptable. Lastly, if you are a newbie, Facebook and LinkedIn can also work. Don't worry, I am more discreet than you are, I promise! :)

If for some reason you cannot comply with my broad and flexible verification requirements, then please do not contact me. They are 100% non-negotiable. 

It is also important to note that someone knows where I am and who I am with at all times. They have access to my accounts, phone messages, emails, and just about anything else needed to help protect me. They are silent, but they are there in case of emergency. This is for my safety. I have no problem telling you this up front. In case that scares you, realize that some girls hide it, but most all independent providers have a similar friend.

What are your measurements?
I am 5' 1", but I regularly wear 4" heels, so I will appear to be about 5' 5". I weigh 126 pounds and wear a size 4 for pants, but sometimes need a 6 for dresses because of my girls! My breasts are an all natural 36D, but Victoria's Secret just fit me for bras and they say I am a 34DD. I still wear 36D bras though and have been for years, so who knows? My waist is 27/28" and hips are about 34".

I am generally considered "petite" by most definitions and I can shop in the Petite section for clothes, but I am not a waif or super skinny by any stretch. I have some proper curve.

Do you offer incall services or is it outcall only?
I am always available outcall, but also provide incall locations on a regular basis. I always update my schedule here on my site.

How far in advance should I book you?
This is a common question and the answer depends on the scenario.  For OUTCALL, same day service gets tricky, but never say never. I will always try my hardest, but they are hit or miss. If you want same day service, make sure you send all verification information up front so that no time is lost. For INCALL, I highly recommend booking as early as possible, as those days are limited.

What should I know about your incall?
I do not have a permanent incall location, but I do provide those services on a semi-regular rotated schedule in NJ, PA, and DE. My incall appointments generally book in advance and availability is limited to ensure comfortable, no-rush meetings. I only host at discreet, "business traveler" appropriate locations and am a very low volume provider.

What areas do you cover regularly?
I live in south western NJ and can be to Cherry Hill or Atlantic City in 45 minutes, and to Philadelphia in about an hour. I will also come see you in the Philly suburbs or Wilmington, DE areas. Some outcall areas require a minimum length appointment and/or travel expenses.  

Will you travel?
I love to travel! I am available for overnights and weekends and can also drive to see you, but may require a time minimum depending on the distance. I am a VERY FLEXIBLE provider when it comes to scheduling and travel. I will gladly travel greater distances to your location, but will require longer appointments. I kindly ask that you not waste my time and always be sensible in this area. Please do not make a special location request and cancel the night before, as chances are good I saved a day for you.

I want outcall, but I can't host and I am not able to secure a location. Can you help?
I used to make exceptions here and buy rooms, but regretfully I cannot offer this service any longer for new clients. It actually created more problems than it was worth and I had to accept that I will not be the provider for everyone. Please forgive me for removing this service, but a few bad apples spoiled it for the bunch. :-(

What is your "Dinner Evening Special"?
I love this, for me it is a date.  Four hours to enjoy dinner and desert!

This is possibly my most popular request and it easily my favorite. If you feel you want this, try to book as far in advance as possible.

What about "Dinner and Breakfast"?
This is my overnight offering. It is essentially a Dinner Evening Special, only I don't leave! I will always have breakfast and coffee with you, but I will need to depart in the morning. 

Are you really a nurse? If so, why do you do this?

Yes, I really am a licensed nurse! I have switched from regular shifts to per diem to accommodate "this".  I do "this" because I love to meet new people and have some fun. It is really exciting for me! Visit my Blog if you want to know how I got started.

Do you visit with couples or do Doubles?
I enjoy the company of couples very much and also can work with other providers for doubles.

If you are a female voyeur, I am very open to helping you fulfill that fantasy with your man.

What type of intimate things do you like to do in your personal life? :)
If you need specifics, my TER profile is a good place to get a lot of those answers. Most of my reviews are extremely detailed and my menu appears to be completely accurate.

Do you like to receive reviews?
Of course, but admittedly, I am very partial to TER (TheEroticReview.com). TER is easily the most reliable site online to find out about providers. My TER Provider ID is 221705 and this is my page. There is also ample info on other sites and I am always surprised when I Google myself! 

Sadly, some review sites that have appeared, such as Erotic Monkey, have multiple fake reviews. I kindly ask that you do not review me there.

NOTE:  Please do not submit reviews through this web site. I will see the feedback, but there is no place to publish it. They really don't go anywhere.

Can you give me a reference?
After we meet, I would be happy to! P411 and TER offer reference or whitelist features and I will gladly help you out. If need be, I will also offer a provider reference. Please pass my e-mail address to the person who needs to verify you and I will reply to her request as promptly as possible. If a phone call is required, I will call her back after getting the e-mail. 

Do you accept gifts and gratuities?
never expect or want anything outside of my standard donation schedule and travel expenses if applicable. It is common and proper to tip agency girls if you had a good experience, as they are sacrificing a large portion of their donation to their firm, but please don't feel that is necessary with me. Some independent providers are more forward with their desire for tips and gifts, but I prefer to set fair fees for my time and be happy with them.  You owe me nothing aside from your company and I am always warmed by just that.

What else should I know?
I started with an agency but left after about 8 weeks. My initial reviews reference the agency association and even comment about my age being a bit higher than the "29" they hung on me. The agency never missed a chance to lie about my height, age, and more, and they also used fake pictures in multiple places. They attempted to market me in seedy places. What you see on my web site is 100% real and accurate. I am fully independent. These are MY pictures, my age is my age and I am proud of it, and my stats are exact. The reviews do not lie. I am as genuine a provider you will find and I love my work.

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